Sunday, December 20, 2015

Jesus' Sister

You didn’t know? Well there wasn’t much written after the baby boy was born. And there certainly wasn’t much written about girls.
Yet by what was written in ‘the book’ Jesus had a big family of brothers and sisters.
I won’t get into detail, you can read the scriptures and interpret it for yourself in whatever translation you want, but Jesus had a sister. There may have been more than one.
So if this guy Jesus had a sister what did she do?
We’ll call her Jane just to make things simple.
So if Jane was Jesus’ older sister she did what older sisters do.
She probably played with him to keep her mother busy with other things. She may have dressed him or even protected him from bullies. She may have comforted him when he was sick and formed a bond to always be there for him.
And little Jesus may have looked up to his older sister Jane for consoling and direction.
Or maybe Jane was younger and looked up to Jesus for advice? She could have believed her big brother was her great protector. She could have played dolls or catch with him between his chores. She could have been there at the cross.
I have no idea where Jane or James or Jean or any of the other family went or did through history. Whether they passed down their family history to their children is unknown. Where they’re any cousins who would say, “I have an uncle Jesus who is the Son of God”.

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