Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Decorating for the holidays

‘Tis is the season to go overboard. Dig through the boxes in the attic or in the garage or behind the couch for the tangle of lights and family decorations to liven up your home for the season.
Every year as the turkey is still settling, we move onto the next holiday. This one is a biggie. We go all out for this holiday.
Where the first of the year has some fireworks, like July 4th, there is no other holiday that defines us like Christmas. Neighbors put candles in the windows, wreathes on the doors and then wrap the garlands on the post and trees and fences. Next come the lights hanging from the gutters to filling the yard with strobes. Giant figurines fill the lawn from inflatable snowmen to Santa and all his elves and reindeer all dancing to the sounds of overblown hymns of the season.
The glow of the season only intensifies upon entering the front door. Soft lights of candles and the smell of pine fill the room’s ambiance. Manger scenes and wood cracker figurines lead the way to the tree. Whether live or plastic, decorated in traditional family heirlooms or flashy topical trinkets, the tree is the focal point of the holiday.
The holiday dishes come out of storage, the scarves and tacky sweaters are pulled out of mothballs, and even the red noses and reindeer headdress are worn with glee. The children are photographed and posted online or printed on the front of Christmas cards. The cars are decorated as are the pets.
Then the 26th arrives and all the leftover paper and foodstuff has to be put away or trashed. The sweaters are put back into dusty trunks and the tree is taken down as the daily routine starts all over again.
Only the eggnog will soon be replaced by champagne for the next excuse to drown in drink.

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