Thursday, December 3, 2015

Let Us Pray

Let us first take a moment of silence.
How many times have we heard this? A moment of silence for a natural disaster or some human despicable behavior or just as a remembrance of those lost in the haze of history.
We will again burn candles and write messages and lower flags and spout off on social media our opinions.
And then we pray.
With all the variations of what is called religions and faith does praying work? Who are we praying to? What are we praying for? Does praying get any results?
Not being a theologian but having been raised in the church, I understand the ritual and the legacy of religious beliefs. I’ve read one of the books but not all the teachings. I also understand as a species we need some explanation to what we cannot comprehend. 
Saying the Lord’s Prayer the words are engrained in us much like the Pledge of Alliance to the Flag or singing the Start Spangled Banner. The writers have put meanings into these words but we repeat them without a thought.
Feeling the heart quicken and the lodge in your throat or wiping away a tear are all emotions that take over our fears and gives us hope for a better future. If this is what we need, then it must be a worthwhile regiment.
I guess it works. I used to get on my knees every night a pray for all my family to be safe and hope that I would wake up the next morning or my soul would be taken from me. And I did! I’ve prayed to die after a long night but didn’t. I’ve prayed to get out of tough situations but had to do it myself.
There was never a Superman zooming in to solve all the problems or anyone dividing the waters, but if praying makes one feel better, I’m all for it. It is quieter than shouting and safer than throwing things.
So let us pray. Oops, that is after this moment of silence.

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