Wednesday, December 23, 2015


The other day I was talking to a friend and he said an anniversary was coming up and he’d like to avoid it.
Anniversaries are those times that come around every year, like birthdays and Christmas. Whether marked on the calendar or not, it will come around the same time like it or not.
I personally forget dates and names and even times, but some anniversaries are hard not to remember. If an anniversary falls on a strange day it may have to be in your reminder list but if it falls on a holiday?
So today is one of those anniversaries I cannot forget. The yearly celebration of this day was so much of my holiday spirit I may get a little teary around Christmas and it is not about Santa. 
It seems thirty-two years ago this woman and I went down to Williamsburg and got married. We had no idea what we were getting into but we made each other happy.
It was a cold winter that year. I had reserved a room at a hotel that no longer exists but since it was Christmas they moved me up to a suite at the same price. Being in a hotel during a holiday like Christmas means you get excellent service because you are the only one except for the folks working and who would rather be at home with their families. My new wife kept telling everyone we were on our honeymoon so we got additional gifts of free champagne and half price meals. The pipes in the hotel froze so there was only hot water every other hour but we timed it right. Because of the plumbing problem, the suite was half price. Does it pay to get married?
I had no idea what this woman was going to introduce me to. The adventures we went through together amazes me to this day. Not everything was wonderful but everyday was remarkable. There was no direction to our travel but we shared it all together. 
I live in the same place we returned to and am surrounded by the memories and her unbelievable variety of interest and skills. Every day I take a moment to remember our adventures with a smile. I never expected that.
So this evening at 8:23 I will raise a glass and toast this wonderful woman.
“Happy Anniversary”

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