Wednesday, March 3, 2010


As defined in the dictionary, charity is help or relief given to the poor, an act or feeling of good will or affection, or tolerance and leniency in judging others.

The human spirit feels better when giving something (time, money, food, hope) to those less fortunate.

Organizations, such as the Red Cross and United Way, have taken up the cause from the churches in spreading opportunity for that good feeling to be met, with more coming every day.

Charity used to begin at home. Families, no matter the reason or cause of the need, were there to take care of their own.

Today, there is a constant request for donations from every cause, health problem, research development, ideological, environmental, or emotional issue.

If everyone gave away every penny, it would not be enough.

Choose your poison.

Haiti was poor. Without an infrastructure, manufacturing, or agricultural base the country wallowed in the global soup without leadership or direction. After the earthquake, when the millions dry up, Haiti will continue to be poor.

Some facts of life will not change in our lifetime.

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