Sunday, March 14, 2010


A natural periodic state of rest marked by the suspension of consciousness.

Our fail shells need to have these periods of sleep to regenerate and renew the spirit.

We relate time with sleeping. When it is light, we awake and carry out our daily chores and when it is dark, we rest.

We assign entire rooms for this activity. We dress for this activity. We lavish ourselves with sweet scents, soft pillows, smooth sheets, and plush covers. We give comfort to each other or hold tight objects of affection for our safe passage into darkness.

But sleeping also brings us dreams. Some say dreams are our subconscious relating our daily activity and sorting the people and experiences into the minds filing system.

Others believe dreams are the mind's recognition of places and feelings we do not or can not observe while awake.

So what are nightmares?

The other night, I awoke while it was dark. I could tell it was late in the morning and I should not be ready to arise, so I did what I normally do, turned over, fluffed the pillows and shut my eyes, fully expecting to go back to sleep.

I didn't. I tossed and turn a few more times, then after realizing I had been in this state of flux for an hour, decided to get up.

I got dressed, put on my glasses and walked into the empty dark living room. What was I going to do at this hour when I am usually drooling on my pillow and kicking the covers on the floor?

I got a bottle of water and a book, sat down in a comfortable chair and began to read.
It seemed so easy. I was not bothering anyone else. I was rested and focused on my book. I didn't even get startled when the newspaper hit the door.

Yet I was in someone else's time.

After a while, I put down the empty bottle, placed the book on the sofa, and returned to the bedroom. Closing my eyes, I went quickly back to sleep.

The next morning, the sun arose and I awoke. Redressing, starting the coffee, gathering the newspaper and other morning routines seemed normal, but last night I had been in another world.

The mind moves at a terrific pace energizing thoughts that make the body follow. The mind will demand the body function until it can not continue. I have slept in a chair too many times from pure exhaustion only to awake after a few hours to new and more startling and fascinating ideas.

If you think you do not get enough sleep, what do you do in your waking hours to take the rest time? If you get too much sleep, will a dreary effort satisfy the need for exploration of new adventures?

I'm going to take a nap.

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