Sunday, March 7, 2010


Dear Skeeter,
I saw your name in the newspaper today.

I enjoyed the picture of the smiling face.

I don't know anything about you Percy, but with a name like "Skeeter", you must have been a fun guy.

We are the same age, so you may have had some of the same experiences that I have.

You and Ellen had a family with Kenny, now married, Michael, Percy Jr. and Brian, but I have no idea where you lived or what you did for a living.

You are wearing a tie in the photo so it could be a business shot against the brick wall or cropping from a group shot at church.

I don't know what kind of car you drove or whether you had pets that you leave for Betty and Helen to take care of when you to the boys on vacation.

I bet you were big on sports, with a name like "Skeeter", or maybe a hunter. You may have ridden a motorcycle, painted flowers, volunteered for the Red Cross or maybe was the top in your class in the debating team. You may have lost a girl at child birth or bailed your mother out of jail. You may have taken pills for your heart or loved to cook chicken on the grill. You may have been a star player on your high school football team with an autographed ball on the mantle or you may have embezzled from your office.

I don't know if you knew Col. Bill, or Nellie "Aunt Tea" or "Penny" or Bill, but they were all with you on the newspaper page.

So your time was up two days ago and you leave only this description to someone who didn't know you.

Good luck on your next journey "Skeeter".

Sincerely, Scooter.

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