Friday, March 19, 2010

Night Ride

I haven't taken a night ride in a long while, so to end the winter, I decided tonight was the night.

The house on the corner was having a party, probably for the same reason, warm weather and sunshine. Perhaps it was just a good reason to drink beer.

The darkness hides many secrets that the daylight presents, but the path is the same so I should be able to find my way.

Strobe lights flashing, dividing the shadows as a guiding light, the trees bare arms glow in the street lights. There is a sliver hangnail of a moon as a plane lights the sky.

Only a few mobile machines join me on the sandy streets, tops down and no signals, but I am patient and familiar with the lack of curiosity of distracted drivers.

I mail my census glowing in the feathered buds of the trees at the mall glowing in the streetlights.

I return, unscathed by the night, rewarded by liquid and peanut butter cookies for my fine achievement today of taking the last structure down from the upstairs area.

I walk through the rain of the birch tree announcing spring by weeping away winter.

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