Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is it strange?

To have little cages on top of your chimney?

To have a putting green behind your garage?

To smile at old white haired men on bicycles while walking your dog in the sunshine?

To hear your named called in an empty house?

To feel like a teenager watching an 45 year old black and white video?

To wake up in someone else's bed?

To polish metals with a toothbrush?

To get enjoyment from watching fish swim?

To pause to allow a hawk safe passage?

To put away winter before Spring is officially here?

To bring things back into the house?

To realize you are not wearing long johns?

To be amazed by the stereo speakers in a laptop?

To not be bothered by piles of dirt, but go crazy about a bug flying around?

or just crazy?

1 comment:

Art said...

Maybe, Kinda, No, Hell no, HELL No (x2), depends, nope, uh uh, no, be careful, don't know, yes, I wouldn't be, I'm crazy anyway...

And thanks for asking.