Friday, March 12, 2010


Before I go to bed I check the locks on the front and back doors. Habit?

One of the first things I did to this house last year was to get dead bolt locks. Why?

Am I keeping the world out or keeping myself in?

I've lived her 30 years with 60-year old locks and have never had any problems.

Even had auto theives roaming the yard, but never felt any fear of them entering the house.

No one wanders into my abode and plays with my stuff unless invited.

And my stuff does not wander out.

So why do I need all these locks.

Is it to keep the outside world from viewing my stuff?

The stuff that is our comfort.

The stuff we surround ourselves in to give us a feeling of home.

But when it rains, like tonight, or snows or is dark or scary, we are trapped inside with our stuff.

Does this comfort us, like a soft pillow or warm blanket?

Knowing your stuff is where you left it and is easily attainable by reaching for it, gives one comfort.

Similar to marriage.

And when we go outside, we leave our stuff behind.

Are we less comfortable to be in the wild open spaces without our stuff?

We might even feel free without the burden of our stuff hanging around.

When a loved one departs and you have to go through "their stuff", do you wonder why there is so much "stuff"?

When you do your spring cleaning (yes, it's that time again) and go through the garage and clean out some "stuff", does it make you feel better?

And when you come home to the familiar, does it give you comfort that your "stuff" is still where it is suppose to be.

Don't forget to lock your doors.


cj said...

Now, that is some pretty deep stuff.

LoveBug said...

Don't lock me out!