Sunday, March 28, 2010


Every day, usually as the sun breaks the horizon, the mind wakes from a night of sleep.

It’s that time when the dreams fade into a new day.

Even keeping the eyes closed doesn’t refute the fact that the body has moved from still to knowing

The ears become aware of the sounds of the awaking. Birds call to a mate in short phrases, awaiting to hear a similar response.

The wind picks up right before the sun rises. It is the coldest moment of the night turning to day.

Next door the dogs nails tap a frantic dance across the deck chasing the shadows of the night.

Lights begin to break the dark silence and the city stirs.

This is also the time when the mix of dreams and reality blend bringing new ideas for the morning.

The deference between what is reality and what is the fog from the night drifts as the clock down the hall metronomes the time.

Throw back and covers, swing the legs out, and step on the floor with back straight. Stand up quickly and start to stretch the tendons pulled tense from yesterdays dreams.

Waking every morning brings a new adventure.

And thought I’m not sure, but at this time in life, it beats the alternative.

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