Sunday, March 14, 2010


Who are we talking to?

It seems everyone is on his or her phones, but whom are they talking to.

It seems the human spirit needs to speak (or we wouldn't have create language. Rough gestures don't make sense anymore now that we can describe our surroundings, dreams, wishes and feelings.

But do we need to do this all the time?

The phone companies think so, so they promote an atmosphere where everyone must be connected with everyone else, all the time.

And if the spoken word isn't enough, there is texting, email, social networks, and even cameras to keep each other entertained.

Do we have a need to call each other every so often, to make sure we are not forgotten or just to hear another voice?

Have we become speed dial numbers and email addresses? Should this be our description on driver licenses? When the government wants its taxes, should they call

My phone isn't that smart and I turn it off every night.

Been fun talking to you.


TripleG said...

I am so glad we were spared the slavery of texting, tweeting, etc. in our school years. Successfully passing a note in class was the best form of communication ever.
Well, there's one more: "A kiss isn't the Truth, but it should be."

LoveBug said...

Call me sometime :)