Thursday, March 11, 2010

Waiting for the Rain


Been a strange kind of day. Tired but not a good tired. I’m more exhausted than tired. A good night sleep might get me back into the spirit, but now it’s time to wait for the rain.
This has been a wandering semi-productive day. Put up a shower curtain, after drilling too many holes, fill the pond, feed the yard, shorten my money ride, which started in the afternoon, to stop at the store for mothballs and coat bags to put winter away. Even put up smiling face seed holders and a rocking horse on the back door. Changed the wreath on the front door to also welcome spring and put away winter.
But I do not have enough energy to think through the motions.
Listing to some old recordings to inspire a collaboration of writing with a friend, I look at the cases of wooden boxes with strings. I’ve got to crack them open to get my fingers back now that the weather has thawed.
In my haze, I gather the mail of the sheriff and local congressman asking me to join their club and send money. More trash and the thought of why would their marketing people have my address?
I hear through the headphones old friends gone by. My hands oiled the wooden bodies and stretch the metal. In the background the football game plays. A audio capture of “Mansland”.
Looking out the window from the house, there is a different perspective of the yard. Closed in to little areas and sheltered off from the world outside, even “Mansland” the view reveals more than I can write.
Going over a list of things to do seem redundant and almost frivolous in the big scheme of things. When the day’s accomplishment is put up a shower curtain, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal.
Watching the yard move is much more entertaining and rewarding, but the real world demands the mundane acts of paying the bills, washing the clothes, raking the yard, taking a bath, and waking up.
Tomorrow I will regain my energy and refocus on my goals and not be startled by the play list coming through my headphones that I’ve removed to turn on the television for the nightly news.
Get some sleep and await the rain.

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