Sunday, March 14, 2010

Couples on Facebook

It amuses me to read couples talking to one another on social networking sites like Facebook.

One will make a statement as a status and the other sends a comment, then the first responds to the comment, and it continues.

I can rationalize this behavior if they are miles apart and they want everyone to watch them chat. Of course that is what emails and chats are for. Why do these couples want to expose their conversations to the world?

Realizing today's need to stay connected through mass technology, I wonder about people's communication skills.

Are they in the same building? Are they in the same room? I've heard tales of this happening.

Do we want the impersonal and remote tapping on keyboards to the vocalization of ideas and thoughts?

Tap tap tap"Hi! I'm in the kitchen, looking for something to eat."
Tap tap tap "Look the refrigerator for some leftover meatloaf."
Tap tap tap "Are you hungry?" 8^p
Tap tap tap "LOL"
Tap tap tap "What?"
Tap tap tap "Do these pants make me look FAT?"
Tap tap tap "Skype me and I'll let you know. Oh, look, chocolate cake!!"
Tap tap tap "I'll send you an email. I'm sitting on the scanner."

And then……

…. A voice in the room

…… echos through the headphones.



Art said...

again quite good. And sometimes true. The wife and I are often on the work email at the same time, but not discussing chocolate cake.

nimrodstudios said...

Maybe this is what happens when you "work" in the same room, back-to-back?

Art said...

Back to Back
Belly to Belly
I don't give a damn,
'Cause I done that already