Thursday, March 11, 2010

News of the Day

March 11, 2010

The stock market is up. Don't understand what great news made the stock rise.

Today Kansas City decided to close half of their schools next year. Is smaller better? If the population is not using the buildings, then save the cash. And other school districts?

There is talk of putting "black boxes" in cars, like airplanes, to suggest what is wrong when cars crash. Isn't that a little late? "Where are the regulators?" the question is asked.

Is NHTSA a good sign of the government? A regulation agency with it's hands in the pockets of the regulated. And the good news is that deaths from automobiles is down but the bad news is that more unemployed are not driving to work.

Greece is broke and is traveling around the world with it's hand out. Spain is following next, then Ireland, Iceland.... the list goes on and on. Spending more than it's has. Sound familiar? Get your tin cup ready Uncle Sam.

A 6'5" 250 lb. football player died from asbestos? Maybe, or just old age and being on "Little House on the Prairie" .

Living is good, or at least the paycheck is more, in Northern Virginia. Maybe I need to move?

Rain is coming. A big storm, the weather guys say. Two inches of rain expected in town. If it was snow it would add up to 60". No thanks, had enough of that.

Women are caretakers, even in commercials.

Olympic skiers promote fizzy water for hangovers (wish I had some).

And guys are portrayed as duds, but there are more black versions.

A school is requiring 150 hours of community services from their students. Learning Compassion 101.

Good night Bryan, even though you will be on "30 Rock" you hambone.

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