Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Breeding as defined is: 1. One's line of descent; ancestry: a person of noble breeding. 2. Training in the proper forms of social and personal conduct. 3. Production of offspring or young. 4. The propagation of animals or plants.
I sort of understand a farm breeding livestock and I sort of understand the production of offspring, but I guess I don’t understand it well it enough. For I never thought marriage was the legal requirement for breeding.
I understand the science of breeding plants to produce stronger more resilient strain, but I am curious about taking an animal that we either kill and eat or cherish as our favorite companions and force them into copulating.
Now as a normal human male, I don’t need to be forced into the act, but to have a farm for breeding? Is that called prostitution? And those farms that can extend the stock yet inbreeding takes place and the breed is compromised. Perhaps that is my problem?
Then on the other side of this propagating process, there is the breeding of humans.
If you are worth some large sum of cash or have a prominent family name, you can be classified as ‘well bred’. Does that mean when you mom and dad got to breeding, you were going to come out better than everyone else?  Of course human breeding takes some time and work and lessons on what fork to use or how to tie a bow tie. I guess good genes and checking the ancestry bloodline adds to the prestige of being ‘well bred’.
Now I just have to find my pedigree papers.

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TripleG said...

How does having come from an established "well-bred" line explain Dubya Bush?