Sunday, December 15, 2013

What Football Game Will You Watch?

About this time of year, toward the end of the regular season there are certain teams that have a chance for playoffs and a bunch of teams don’t have a chance.
Most teams are named after cities that can insure a fan base. Some got smart enough to enlarge their fan base by naming their team after a state. One time decided to take an entire section of the country because there is no Rhode Island Reds or New Jersey Numbers or Massachusetts Magpies.
So all the games are scheduled at the beginning of the year. Without knowing who will be injured or what team might have winning streaks or not the networks schedule games to be viewed by the public. Some games might have two teams that lost their seasons early. Some games might have a good team against a stinker. Some games might decide who makes the playoffs.
I guess in the big wide world of the Internet and cable, anyone can watch any game at anytime. Some will watch a team play because they are fans even though the team doesn’t have a change in h-e-double toothpicks to be playing in the postseason. Others will choose a game that has some consequences, even though their favorite team is not playing.
So until the end of the year, some games won’t matter and others might decide if the winner will go to the Super bowl. Each game will still have their pre-game and post-game shows and cheerleaders and mascots and fireworks and flyovers and instant replays on gigantic television screens and guys in striped shirts blowing whistles.
While the rest of the world thinks of football with agile guys in short running around kicking a round ball into a net, our teams are full of huge men in helmets and padding and Capri pants all yelling and running around and bumping into each other. None of it will matter for a couple of weeks except for a few.
So while I wait for the games to become do-or-die, I’ll find some sport to watch until the college bowl games start.

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