Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Sister I Never Knew

Suppose your mother, who had been married before she married your father, had given birth to a little girl. She would be your sister. I’m not sure how that all works out on the family tree, but she would be your sister.
Suppose you met this lost sister? What would you say? What would you do?  How would she react to finding a brother?
In this scenario, she would be my older sister. She would probably be ten years older, which would present more of a nurturing on her part than mine. I would still be the baby of the family, even if it were the extended family. It is not bad being the youngest because after I was born there was no need to try and beat perfection.
Like older cousins would I be smothered with her using me like a doll? I would be the baby before having her own baby. Maybe the distance of years would just present us with pleasantries and quiet conversation with no connection.
Yet, if the roles were reverse and she was my ‘younger’ sister, how would I react? Now guys have this strange protective instinct built into their DNA. When daughters turn into ‘daddy’s little girl’ they can do no harm for daddy will be there for them. And if daddy isn’t there, there will be the big brother.
I’ve never done well with daddy because he knew I was up to no good with his little girl. So I would have probably been the same as a big brother. Then again I don’t have a good track record of protecting family.
Would I stand on the porch and watch her drive off with some shady character that was no better than me? Would I stomp on the floor to interrupt the groping? Would I make a judgment on the tattoos and piercings? Would I be the shoulder to cry on when her heart was broken?
I’ve never had a sister, but always wondered what it would be like. Then again, some things are best not known.

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