Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wrapping Up Another Year

Seems like only 365 days ago it was last year. Who could imagine it would go so fast?
Seems a bunch of people who were born a lot closer to my birth date have died. There was a storm and another storm and some tornados and some crazy people with guns shot up the place. The government shut down for a while because they could not figure out a budget and stuff. Some people went to work and some people didn’t. Our armed forces shot and bombed a bunch of people and they got shot and bombed. I think they call that war. It must be popular because a lot of other countries were doing the same thing.  There were bad movies made, a bunch of young dressed up dudes and dudettes walked around drinking wine before getting bad stories in the tabloids and a lot of books winded up on electronic readers. Scientist watched some meteor go by and invited 3-D plastic guns. The pope got pooped and a new pope became popular. Bombs were going off at races making people wondered if they should run marathons or go to school or work in a factory making t-shirts. Some guy in the government spilled the beans that everyone was being spied on – big surprise. Cute puppies were saved at least on social media and taxi drivers charged too much. Television didn’t get any better and good music was hard to find.
And Miley Cyrus was twerking.
Closer to home one neighbor moved and another moved in and they are still strangers. The seasons were fairly mild and time was wasted. Several houses became mansions. Had a nice long walk and conversation with a friend after his mom passed. Seems like more of my friends are passing. And I don’t just mean wind.
Bought too many toys without rewarding myself for accomplishments. It must be time for a new year’s resolution. Didn’t travel or go to a movie or buy a video or book, but did buy some new long johns. Oh, that is probably too much information.
The budget seemed to withstand all the analysis wrangling on the economy. Some others have crossed over to the dark side and a few more next year. Kids begetting kids started to take off and they are popping out everywhere. The construction look of last year continues gathering spider webs and piles of dust bunnies.
I’ve spent too much time writing as a therapy and a release and just to clear my head. Wrote about talking, riding, watching, eating, sleeping and the most mundane features of life. Holidays, emotional turns, philosophical thoughts and psychological reflections have all been written about. Technology, friends, history, death, education, television, haircut, age, dating, food, laughter, faerie doors, shopping, heaven, news, nipples, dancing, bunnies, monsters, money, sleeping and variations there of have churned from my head to the keyboard. Maybe I’ve run out of ink.
So come Tuesday night, I’ll fill a glass with the bubbly and toast another year passing and more adventures coming. I’ll buy a new calendar and start up a new excel spreadsheet to track my every move and expense. I’ll wash my cloths and ride my bike and eat whatever I can come up with. I’ll sleep the restless sleep and maybe follow some of my resolutions.
Time will tell if I get in another’s face at midnight.

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