Thursday, December 26, 2013

What a difference a day makes

December 26: Just another day in just another life.
Wake up to sunshine and classics. Coffee and more Christmas photos on social network but there is something different. No Christmas Songs! Phew.
Not hungry from eating all that Christmas dinner, I could just stay in my comfy clothes or I could go to the gym? Being so stuffed I should go to the gym. It is still cold outside so I should stay in my comfy.
Naturally I break somewhere in the middle and ride to the store. Rational is that I do get a little exercise and fresh air and I get out of my sweats until I get back.
The traffic is mild and the sunshine feels good. Not too cold and not to windy. Lock up and find a cart. The little ones are missing so I expect another crowd. Instead I find the store almost empty.
Without the cranky Christmas craziness, there are a few wandering around like myself. There is the pizza I was looking for the other day but couldn’t find. I’m tired of pizza. Maybe some meat to go with the one roll I have left? Maybe a salad?
I wheel over to the deli section and notice there is not a big staff in the kitchen area. Then I notice there are no salads. Not even leftovers. No one had prepared a salad for me today. Not even a sandwich. Stinky cold fried chicken, NO!
There is a salad bar I could load, but I had my mind set on a pre-pared salad.
I could even get a head of lettuce, some tomatoes, a pepper or two and make my own salad. Naw, that is too much work.
So the quick trip is over and I’m back in my comfy sweats. I feed the yard and enjoy their antics. Thankfully the carols are over and the cowboys are back on the air. The trash is put out. Filled up on microwave red beans and rice. Phew! What a day.
Tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer and still sunny. Will I do anything more exciting? We’ll see what motivates me.

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