Monday, December 23, 2013

It Would Have Been Thirty Years


Fortunately holidays fall on the same date every year. It may be a different day of the week, but it will be the same date. Unfortunately, there are some dates that also come close to these holidays.
Thirty years ago, we checked into a hotel that is now closed, went up to our suite which was substituted for my reservation by the hotel without an additional cost, got dressed up, walked down the street and got married. Nothing fancy. A justice of the peace and his wife with an inflatable Santa as a witness welcomed us out of the cold. Sign a couple pieces of paper and hand over some bucks, say a few words and get a photo. Plain and simple, just the way I like it. Probably thirty minutes to last what would have been thirty years.
It may not have been a necessary marriage or even an extemporary marriage. Like any relationships there were the ups and downs and plenty of surprises.
This woman was like no other that I had ever known. After three years of living together my proposal was, “We are pretty good at this.” She didn’t know anything about me and I didn’t know anything about her, but we knew each other together.
The wall built around our marriage not only kept everyone else out but also kept the amazing happenings within. I had no idea what I was getting into but it was an interesting adventure.
So babe, tonight I will open a bottle of wine and pour two glasses. Happy Anniversary.

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PrintIsDead said...

That's so sweet. It must be tough. Happy anniversary, my friend.