Saturday, December 14, 2013

What Do You Have To Say For Yourself?

When I started this mess, I didn’t think I had much to say. That was six years back and a few things have changed since then.
This blog started out as a challenge from a writer friend. I was trying to assemble some ideas and he was trying to get a book published. He pointed me to Google’s Blogspot and I took the leap.
Not being very good at English or writing in any manner, I figured I post some songs as poems and maybe a quick thought or two and see if anyone read it or replied.
A year or two before, I had decided to pass the time writing my autobiography. I don’t know what made me start but night-after-night in the freezing cold, I would tap the keyboard on whatever I could remember. Perhaps the digitizing of diaries I had made decades before brought back memories I needed to expand on?
Many things happened between now and then and I just kept writing. After awhile writing a blog became a therapeutic method of getting these wild thoughts out of my head. Maybe all writers have this method of arranging thoughts but for me this was new.
I’ve always expresses myself in images. I’ve been a pencil or pen or charcoal on paper person. The artwork had to tell the viewer what the deepest emotion was trying to say.
Music had been my other outlet for recording time and experiences. I’d also been recording past songs with new revelations of how they had been a snapshot of time.
I’ve gotten into a habit of going for a bicycle ride every morning. The ride is to clear my head and get my body activated. Yet some mornings, a thought or subject or sometimes a word will stick in my mind. As I peddle mile-after-mile the subject will bounce around in my brain with the rhythmic push of the pedals composing the song.
As the year ends, I look at the subjects of writing over the past years. The subjects are very reveling. Some are very personal. Some are just silly. Some are somewhat thoughtful.
I was going to wait until I had 1,000 posts to make this comment on blogging, but I realized I am posting four blogs and have already past that milepost. Who would think I had that much stuff rattling around in my head? Well the Internet and social media have proven that everyone on this planet has an opinion or at least something to say. If not totally original, there are the comments.
I always remind people, particularly when they have more time or fewer excuses than they are too busy with work, to find an outlet for creativity.  Try something new like music, writing, artwork, photography, dance…. The list goes on and on. You have to get out of your mundane comfort zone and explore.
I appreciate the travelers who are going to places only seen on television but then what? Post some selfies standing in front of some rock structure built eons ago to prove they have been there? What did you learn over there? What could you share with other’s to increase their knowledge of your experience? Everyone has a different point of view of what you hear and what you see, so why not announce your educated historical proclamations?
The time of retirement as many of us are finding can be overwhelmed with family and health to replace the time from work, but so much is absorbed in television and napping. Are we to grow old and die without leaving our mark of independence and personal relevance?  
So I will continue to write these words. They are not life shattering nor do I want to go out and attempt to get on the New York Times best read reviews or change anyone’s thoughts of their own. I would like, as with artwork and photography and music to make a statement that is thought provoking and perhaps humorist. Possibility I can inspire someone to put paint on paper or lace up a shoe or string an instrument or be inspired by a natural sound or motion.
Have fun reading.

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