Saturday, December 7, 2013

Virginity: Lost and Found

Losing your virginity is another one of those rites of passage that we all must go through. Well, we all don’t have to. It won’t harm us if we don’t but still, there is much peer pressure growing up to get rid of that virginity and grow up.
Perhaps the young ladies are talked to more about this subject, but I never heard anything about it. Maybe it was the ill informed religious sigma that was never discussed. The instructions of avoiding “those” types of girls never explained what made them that way. That “birds and bees” discussion never happened to me and I don’t think it happened to many guys my age. Everyone just thought if we denied the affects of growing up it just wouldn’t happen.
Of course, it does happen. And the pressure is on both sexes. All the media shows almost obscene images of what relationships are to be and without an instruction manual, young ones just fumble their way into the physical pleasure of being close.
Now you don’t lose your virginity. Virginity was never found in the first place. There is no lost and found site for virginity.
Guys lose virginity long before girls from what I’ve heard. It usually comes when the hand meets the…. Well, you understand. Perhaps the ladies find the same, but I don’t know. So there is some experience before the pair gets together.
They say the act of coupling for the first time is when virginity is lost. The couple has already gone to first base and second base and third and are ready for the homerun. After the occurrence, losing virginity is worn like a badge of courage.
I have nothing against virgins. Some of my best friends have been virgins. I’ve even helped some lose their virginity. I was more than pleased to assist. Sometimes it was constant pursuit and then other times it was surprise of the blood.
There are all sorts of crude jokes about popping the cherry, but for a couple to procreate, it is a fact of nature that must be done. Be sure to tell your kids so they won’t be surprised. I’ve done my part.

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