Monday, December 2, 2013

What cha’ Thinking

Sunday day – not as warm as I thought – my neighbor has already started up his noisy leaf-blowing machine – should pump up the tires – yeah, but I’m not – I will tomorrow – should have filled out the bills – I’ll do that tomorrow – looks like something big is making a home here by that pile of dirt - still a little foggy from the fun night – sent all my thank you messages last night – maybe I should send a message to Annie - neighborhood out in a tee-shirt – guess he is showing his manhood – not as macho as the guy across the street with the hairy back - need to trim those bushes that are now just sticks – I’ll do that tomorrow – should have worn my hat because the peach fuzz on my head is not going to keep it warm - see my neighbor must have spilled some oil from his fried turkey with the sand on the street – ought to go to the gym today – who am I kidding – I’ll go tomorrow – today is the day of rest – and football – and beer – still clearing my throat – cough – cute girl getting into the car – just leaning in – even better – I do like a sweet tushy – I’m old but I’m not dead – shift up gear – pretty girl with red hair walking a little white dog – there is that retriever who is the age of Buffy sleeping in the sunshine – traffic isn’t too bad – wonder if he figured out how to get back on Facebook – no one could be that lame – starting to look like a very nice day – think I’ll check the deli – no, too crazy over there – guess I’ll have pizza today – I bet she just came from the gym – she probably thinks I am staking her – look at the sauerkraut – apple pie and sauerkraut – yuck – too crowded up here so I’ll just go around – nothing looks like it taste very good – hum? Rolling Stone magazine on Pink Floyd – she still doesn’t recognize me – need to replenish his stock of Fat Tire next time – where is Dorothy Anne? – Should I write today – washing the dishes instead – and pay the bills – and add up last month’s expenses – maybe I’ll go to the gym this afternoon – right – need to pull up that board – tomorrow is suppose to be warmer – put out the seed and peanuts – remember to take out the trash - think I’ll build that Facebook page - sit back and zone out.

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Art said...

no, I havent. I am glad to report that everyone is lame about some things. What are you lame about?