Saturday, December 28, 2013

Have You Ever Noticed?

Have You Ever Noticed?
When you watch a movie
No one pays attention
to you now.
When the movie starts up
And the lights go down dark
No one pays attention
to you now
Have you ever noticed?
When you watch a movie
There is no companion
by your side
You may share the popcorn
While you watch the movie
There is no connection
To the room of friends
There is a title
There is a trailer
There is a setup
By the movie screen
But now you’re captured
Inside this movie
It doesn’t matter
What the story means
And when the movie
Is gone and finished
Does anybody
Remember the name
Of the leading character
Who save the village
Or the leading lady
Who was put to shame
Sit in the dark room
And eat your popcorn
It doesn’t matter
Who wins or lose
Back in the daylight
You don’t remember
But life goes on
with the second reel

 These words are to be sung

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