Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Just When I thought Things Couldn’t Get Any Worse

I don’t normally get on a soapbox but this picture overwhelmed me and I must reply to it. After viewing this picture I am appalled that I am a member of the human race. Sad to be a member of the same human race that would allow this to happen.
Well I am sorry but us human beings are a poor excuse for what is called ‘higher intelligence’. We make laws and set down rules that are proclaiming us as moral but deep down we know better. When the law is disobeyed, we revert to our basic animal instinct.
Let me rephrase that. Animals would not behave this badly.
Few things really tick me off, but when I saw the photo below I got ticked. I can’t do anything about it. It is a custom that has lasted for years, like Christmas but in a bloody way.
Now I’m not so naïve to believe the hamburger I had for dinner did not come from that moo-moo who is always trying to get me to eat more chicken. I know the cow is fattened up to be trucked to a plant where they are slaughtered, drained, stripped, sliced and diced for the meaty menu but we avoid the image of it. We, the humans, have some sort of device in our brain that separates the image of the pastoral farm with happy animals to the bloody plate of dead meat.
I am also aware that the fur collar came from the back of someone and that leather chair used to be someone’s skin. Being the master race we seem to have learned how to excise our power over those less fortunate to not have oppositional and appositional thumbs.
We use the rest of our Garden of Eden to harness the rest of the population to be our slaves. They carry and pull our burdens without choice. We ride them and beat them to go faster. We invite some of them into our homes as pets and the ones we don’t like we hunt. Thought we are totally outnumbered these companions of the planet never have the ability to comprehend what is happening to them. As we raise them for substance or rampage their communities or ravage their homes, they just seek shelter and quiet until our madness stops.
I don’t understand bullfights or any other ‘entertainment’ where I species torture another species to death. I even avoid horse races for humanity reasons.
While I know there is a dark side to all of us and put under certain circumstances we react in the most violent ways, whether trained by video games or just a deep down human emotion, I cannot understand the picture below. I can feel nothing but contempt for those who perform this act and even more for those who stood and watched.
It is the least I can do to write about this but it has been weighing on me for several days and all I can do is let it out. In a world where we slaughter one another over faith, this just seemed like such a waste. Is this why we were placed on this planet?
Again I will warn you this is a horrible photo. Do not scroll down if you think you could be offended as I was.
I do not have any foundation or organization or political platform here to offer, just a stomach churning reaction at our brutal condition.

Again I warn any viewer this is a awful picture. Do not view unless you are ready.


I did not take this photo. It was presented on Huffington Post. Please reply to them on the content.

Last warning.

What have we become?

Butchers in Pakistan publicly slaughter a camel to celebrate the second day of the Eid al-Adha festival.
The Muslim "Festival of Sacrifice" marks the end of the Hajj pilgrimage commemorate the Prophet Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son.

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