Thursday, December 26, 2013

What Are You Returning?

Sure it was fun opening all those gifts, but did you really want them. Now it is the day after Christmas and you need to work off some of those pounds, so why not take them all back?
That wonderful bathrobe you got from your husband who doesn’t have a clue, drop it back in the box rather than in the back of the closet. That tie given to you by your kids, maybe as a prank, needs to hang around someone else’s neck. Those headphones that are all the rage except for grandma go back to the store.
Think of it as another present or cash. Get what you really asked Santa for. Maybe that wide screen television was wide enough. Maybe you can trade in that goofy sweater for two goofy sweaters with the double dip drastic after season discounts.
If the gift had a special meaning or a wonderful card showing the giver really thought it was perfect for you, you got to keep it. You can say it was the thought that counted but they might want to see that ancient urn on your dining room table the next time they visit.
A gift from someone special you got to keep it. It may be an ugly piece of jewelry or that sports team t-shirt or an apron because you cook on the grill. None of these gifts can be returned. They cannot even be hidden. They must be shown and appreciated. As bad as it may seem to appear now, think of how the stories will go with your children and their children.
Remember that goofy sweater dad us to wear every Christmas? It must have been given to him years before we were born. Then your grandmother will smile. Smile a goofy smile.

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