Monday, December 30, 2013

You Think You Got It Bad?

She just got out of prison. She shot a cop in the back. The cop was in the hospital room of her ex-husband. Her ex-husband was also a cop. She shot a bad cop who was on the payroll of the evil richest man in town.
Before getting beat up her ex-husband was having a fling with the evil richest man ex-wife. Her ex-husband has a sister. She got knocked-up by her ex-boyfriend. Then her ex-boyfriend came out of the closet.  The ex-husband’s sister had a baby. She then moved in with her ex-boyfriend (the babies father) and his lover.
His lover turned a coffee shop into a bar. The woman who shot the bad cop in the hospital trying to cut of her ex-husband’s wee-wee is getting married to the evil richest man’s son. The woman and the evil richest man’s son were having a party at the new gay bar when the bad cop’s wife came in and shot at her.
Unfortunately the evil richest man’s youngest son got in the way of the bullet. He had been involved with the ex-husbands sister when she was trying to kill his girlfriend who has left town. The girlfriend’s dad was the doctor who took care of his gunshot in the hospital.
The doctor has the hots for this blond chick. She also works at the hospital. Her husband just died in an elevator accident after an earthquake that also killed the other richest man’s son’s girlfriend.
The other richest man’s son was about to get married when she died. In his trauma he turned to drugs. The other richest man became involved and then married the doctor’s mother.
Then the evil richest man’s daughter comes home, makes whoopee with the other richest man’s son and they plan on getting married. But the evil richest man’s daughter doesn’t like the mother of the woman who shot the bad cop and makes a video of the woman who shot the bad cop’s brother. The woman who shot the bad cop’s brother is a priest.
The doctor thinks the priest was drugged. The video was shown at the other richest man’s son’s wedding and the evil richest man disappeared in a car crash.
After the evil richest man’s elder son who is going to marry the woman who shot the bad cop tried to take away control of the family company only to fail, the evil richest man comes back to town. The other richest man breaks up with his wife, the mother of the doctor, but they make up.
Meanwhile the blond chick’s daughter is getting it on with a black doctor and the evil richest man’s son (before he gets shot). The black doctor takes the high ground and leaves and the evil richest man’s son deflowers the blond chick’s daughter.
The blond chick’s son comes home from a far away school. The blond chick’s son is having drug problems. He is also jealous of the blond chick’s new boyfriend, the doctor. He wrecks the doctor’s car, sells drugs to the blond chick’s assistant, and gets arrested for being a public nuisance.
The doctor finds the blond chick’s son and her assistant overdosed on drugs but he and the blond chick are on a break. The blond chick’s son says he is turning over a new leaf but the blond chick’s assistant has a video of them making whoopee.
Just to make things more interesting the ex-husband’s sister is attacked by her ex-husband.  Her ex-husband has been stalking her since she moved in with the gay guys with her baby. Her ex-husband tries to get to cozy and she bops him in the head with a rock.
Then the woman who shot the bad cop and the evil richest man’s ex-wife come across the scene and helped drag the ex-husband’s sister’s ex-husband dead body into the river. Don’t be too concern. Before the ex-husband’s sister’s ex-husband’s body sank he showed up in a beer commercial.
You think you got a lot of stuff going on in your family. Well these are just days of our lives.

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You've got some interesting neighbors.