Tuesday, December 24, 2013


You know how to whistle? No, I’m not going to get into that. My point her is a compromise in a relationship.
Whistling was something my wife didn’t like. There was some history I never figured out but anyone whistling would set her off.
I never thought that I was whistling. I was never much of a pucker up and blow whistler. I normally whistle through my teeth but it is not very loud.
After seeing her reaction to our neighbor’s whistling, I decided to stop the habit. It was a minor compromise.
Now I notice the habit that I never knew I had is coming back. Pushing my cart through the store or even sitting on my bike, I whistle along with the song in my head. It is not really a whistle, more like a low volume hum. I just dance around humming or whistling along to these songs that I hear over the Muzak or whatever pops into my head. Who needs headphones when you are blessed with a jukebox between your ears?

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TripleG said...

Felix the Cat is the height of the cartoonist's art.
Just sayin'.